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IPv4 and IPv6 Internet Connectivity Test

ipv6 test

Test if your using IPv4 and / or IPv6 to access this portal.

IPv4 and IPv6 Internet Speed Test

Speed Test

Test your IPv4 and IPv6 access speed.

Home Live Monitoring

Live monitoring

Access to my home.

Home Surveillance

Surveillance (C-MOR)

Surveillance (Zone Minder)

Access to my surveillance recodings.

Home On Demand Streaming

Video Streaming (Flash & HTML5)

Video Streaming (Windows Media)

Access to my streaming content.

Home Web Meeting


Openmeetings (w/in Globe LAN)

Starting or joining a webmeeting. (Requires latest Flash and Java)

Home Virtual Desktop

Open Virtual Desktop

Open Virtual Desktop (w/in Globe LAN)

Access my home network via virtual desktop or portal. (Requires latest Flash and Java)

Home File Access

Network FTP

Web Storage

Access to my personal files.

Home Webmail


Access to my webmail.

Home Network Monitoring




Access to my network monitoring.

User Account Management

User Management

Manage my single sign on account (webmail, webstorage, ftp).

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